Our Story

Our Story

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For over two decades, The Mountain® has been a bold player in the t-shirt game. From the iconic Three Wolf Moon® to their Big Face™ Tees, The Mountain® appeals to anyone who wants to make a statement or simply just have fun with fashion.

More than an apparel company, The Mountain® is an artwear company that focuses on telling stories by outfitting customers in unique, bold designs that help project their personalities and tastes to the outside world. The subjects of The Mountain’s® designs are far-reaching, fearless and bound only by the imaginations of our artists and the impressive range of collaborators that are drawn to work with the brand. Courageous in our commitment to high quality and environmentally friendly production, The Mountain® welcomes all.

Early Days of The Mountain®

The Mountain® was born of humble roots. Two lifelong friends from New Jersey with nothing more than the American dream, set out to turn that dream into reality. They tried everything from selling onion rings on the NJ shore to operating an ice cream truck in college. After moving to New Hampshire in the 70’s they began making belt buckles and other crafts in their basements to peddle at fairs and festivals. As fate would have it, belt buckles exploded in popularity and they opened their first retail store in 1972. Before long The Mountain owned and operated over 30 retail locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. Their most popular item was a buckle adorned with a mountain scene. This became the inspiration behind the brand name.

Like-Minded Artists

Fate struck again when these two friends met two like-minded artists and dreamers who were taking their own stab at the American dream selling t-shirts. Together, they built a t-shirt shop and The Mountain brand was born. Staying true to their roots, The Mountain began printing hippie and alternative culture t-shirts, quickly growing their business into one officially licensed to produce tees featuring The Grateful Dead, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. An eco-pioneer in the industry, The Mountain worked hard to minimize its impact on the environment by using water-based inks, organic dyes, and other socially responsible production techniques.

Art You Can Wear

In 1996 The Mountain made the decision to sell its retail stores and focus exclusively on its real passion: printing high quality ArtWear™. The business continued to grow, thriving on the principles of a strong and supportive work environment and a desire to support its artist partners. The Mountain established onsite daycare, provided free lunch to all employees, and continued to pay artists royalties on every shirt sold, a commitment kept since the first shirt was printed.

Something Magical Happened

Something Magical Happened

In the wake of the near collapse of the U.S. economy in 2008, The Mountain was struggling. But then, while the company was focused on surviving the meltdown, something magical happened... a college student wrote a satirical review of one of their tees on Amazon. The review erupted through cyberspace - like a lightning bolt shot from the horn of a unicorn - and a star was born. This star was Three Wolf Moon®, which would make headlines on major news networks worldwide. Sales skyrocketed and the company thrived. The internet had fully embraced The Mountain’s unique design style and a whole new generation of fans was born. Riding this wave of success, their art director, Michael McGloin, created a new line of hyper-realistic Big Face® Animal tees which would go on to become their best-selling shirts of all time.

The Mountain’s Big Face Animals, and legendary Three Wolf Moon, have left an indelible mark on fashion and pop culture. The story of The Mountain is truly a tale of rags to riches. Four guys with nothing but big dreams and a strong desire to do something epic, set out to make their mark on the world. With hard work, a great team, a bit of luck, and the power of the internet, their dream has become a reality. And the story continues, as The Mountain moves forward and continues to break new ground in the world of fashion and design.