Meet our Artists

Meet Our Artists

About Dean

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Dean Russo draws inspiration from urban landscapes and his love for dogs to create truly unique artwork known for its brilliant colors and bold abstract designs of mesmerizing shapes and symbols. To create these one-of-a-kind images he uses a minimum of 10 mediums per painting including pastels, ink, oils, pencils, wax, charcoal and spray paint.

“I used to paint portraits of rock icons and Hollywood stars for so many years with my dogs by my side. Till one day I thought, why not paint my two favorite subjects?” says Russo. Initially inspired by his two cocker spaniels, Dean began working with rescue centers to raise awareness and donate his work.

Dean strives to communicate a message that encourages people to choose adoption, to acknowledge the world-wide failure of breed-specific legislation and to combat dog fighting around the world. “When a child sees, hears and acts upon my message, I feel successful. Anytime someone puts a message of love or respect toward people or animals into the universe it builds like a ripple. I hope I live long enough to see my ripples come back to me. That will make me smile.

About David

Dave Penfound

David Penfound originates from Hampshire in the UK and from an early age discovered a talent for art. Originally inspired by fantasy art, David honed a specialty for creating imaginative colourful artwork covering all genres. As a traditional artist David found he had a connection with Native American art and was delighted to have his first exhibition in the U.S. featuring his Native American images.

A keen animal lover, David then used his natural skills to create some breathtaking images of wildlife and fantastical creatures. He took his skill set to a new height by learning 3D digital art, which opened the door to a world of new possibilities. From traditional art David then ventured into visual effects for film and TV, working with some of the biggest names in visual effect production. His work has spanned into media, advertising and product design.

Life is for living, to experience natural highs and David definitely enjoys his life to the fullest being an avid extreme sports enthusiast including paragliding, skydiving and deep-sea diving. A fanatical traveller, David takes his new experiences and channels them into his artwork creating some truly inspirational and stimulating images.

About Carol

Carol Cavalaris

Carol Cavalaris lives in the middle of a forest in the high country of Colorado. It is the wild beauty of her surroundings that inspires her digital paintings of wildlife and nature. She grew up in Southern California and has been creating since childhood, always drawing, painting or making something. She has enjoyed many creative adventures, including sculpting, stained glass art, being a display artist, an interior designer, a graphic artist, a copywriter, and a creative director.

Painting wildlife and nature have been very healing, and color and detail are her passions. She has a fine art background in oil painting, however she really enjoys the freedom of the digital medium as it stimulates her imagination and offers so many exciting possibilities. She explores art programs, like Photoshop, still using brushes to paint, but now the computer screen is her canvas. Reality and fantasy blend together as she combines photo sources and painting techniques to create her unique mixed medium images that she calls ‘living art.'