our green process

Green Process

Green Process

The Mountain® uses only environmentally friendly water-based inks and dyes to ensure all of their manufacturing processes fully protects earth, air and water.

The Mountain is proud to be called the greenest apparel company in the U.S.

We start with a white t-shirt made from 100% natural USA cotton (down to the thread holding it together). To colour our garments, we use fiber reactive organic dyes to create over 800 colours that are inspired by nature. Our Dye Oxidation System (DOS), purifies our manufacturing process waste water by removing colour and additives without the addition of chemicals. Next our t-shirts are printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks. Most screen printers use solvent-based inks made primarily of plastic (petroleum) that have a rough feel and contain toxic phthalates. While many printers are trying to kick the chemical habit and learn how to use water-based inks, we are light-years ahead of them. We are the pioneers of using water-based discharge ink and have perfected its use to create photo-realistic imagery that is not attainable by other screen printers. Being “green” to us means being mindful of our choices, which have a direct impact on the environment and future generations.

  • Since 1992, we have used 100% cotton, grown and woven in the USA
  • Since 1993, we have used water-based inks
  • Since 1994, we have used organic reactive dyes
  • In 1999, we began the digital edition of our catalog to save on waste and save trees
  • In 2000, we began conversion of our lighting, company-wide to save our natural resources
  • In 2004, The Mountain’s apparel was Oekotex 100% certified (one of the highest qualification worldwide). This guarantees our shirts are free of chemicals harmful to your body.
  • In 2006, we converted to DTS (Direct to Screen) for printing our separations. Eliminating thousands of pounds of plastic film per year.
  • In 2010, we closed the loop on all our cardboard waste with our box supplier
  • In 2011, our Dye Oxidation System (DOS) went on line
  • In 2012, we installed filtered water fountains company wide to reduce plastic bottle waste
  • From June 2013 to June 2014, we have been able to reuse over 2,000,000 gallons of water that was purified by our Dye Oxidation System.
  • In January 2014, we started The Mountain Makers initiative, which makes use of our t-shirt seconds, thirds and cover garments to turn them into up-cycled fashion apparel and products.

Future Green Initiatives

Latent-Heat Recovery

  • Process water to hot water
  • Process water to space heating
  • Process air to make-up air


  • Solar Energy Generation
  • Drying process heat to heat water
  • Drying process heat is used to heat our building

Water Recycling

  • Recycling all water in a closed-loop system